You just know it—you’re addicted to at least one Facebook game. One out of four Facebook users plays games. Today, 250 million people play games through Facebook, up 11 percent from 2012. A mind boggling 927,000,000 or so total hours are spent each month on Facebook games. The introduction of several new games has birthed a new kind of gaming known as social gaming, the activity or practice of playing a video game on a social media platform.

So, which Facebook game are you addicted to? It is Candy Crush Saga, currently the biggest game on Facebook? It’s a “freemium” app, meaning it’s free to play, but users can make in-app purchases to help them beat levels. The game rakes in $850,000 every single day. Maybe you’re addicted to Farmville 2, the sequel to Zynga’s wildly popular game Farmville. With over 40 million active monthly users, 850 million crops are harvested each day. It’s estimated that by 2015, the social gaming industry will be globally worth $9 billion!

Are you addicted to any Facebook games? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check out the infographic below to learn more about our addiction to social gaming!

The Industry of Facebook Games
Source: The Industry of Facebook Games


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