Burning Questions About Storage Unit #2065 [Infographic]

Are you one of the millions of fans of AMC’s drug drama Breaking Bad? If so, you undoubtedly look forward to the roller coaster ride that each episode takes you on. You may have wondered about that cash-packed storage unit near Walt and Skyler’s home in Albuquerque, NM. There are lots of questions about it. For example—just how much money was in there? Episode 13 of season five reveals the amount as $80 million. had it conservatively pegged at $50 million. The street value of a single gram of meth is $100, so you can tell Walt has been a busy and successful crook/entrepreneur.

Wondering where Walt took the money? He buried most of it in the New Mexico desert in seven black plastic drums. Since these drums are corrosion-free and use dent-resistant polyethylene, they are excellent for indoor and outdoor use. Many people are curious as to whether or not people really use storage units as banks. The answer is yes, but it’s not too common. In July 2013, cops discovered more than $10 million in cash at a storage unit in North Reading, Massachusetts. Not surprisingly, the money was tied to a drug trafficker.

Have any burning questions about Breaking Bad’s Storage Unit #2065? You’re likely to find the answer in the infographic below presented by SpareFoot.

Breaking Bad Infographic
Produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.



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