Gamers sometimes get a bad rap. We assume they have bad couches or those absolutely awful bean bag/rocking chair things, pizza crusts all over their busted-up coffee table, and a general funk to their place.

The nicest thing they own is their game system, right? Well, let’s not be stereotypical. There are plenty of gamers who upgrade their pads, and high-tech furniture is an awesome way to step up your game.

Coffee table

How high-tech can a coffee table get, right? You might be surprised. There are coffee tables that come with plug-ins to turn the entire surface of the table into the touch-screen for your tablet.

Those are going to be a little more expensive, though. As less-expensive alternative, there are plenty of coffee tables made to look like old-school Nintendo controllers, game consoles, and so forth.


I prefer to stretch out on the couch when I’m playing my friend’s PS3, but true gamers have to be comfortable and functional. There are all types of chairs out there, including futuristic-looking rocking-type chairs that come with the screens built into the structure.

Other options include cool-looking bean-bag chairs with more back support, and chairs that have built-in speakers and controller storage.


Lights are important for gamers. Some like to game in the dark to avoid those annoying reflective spots, but they need lights for when they aren’t gaming, right?

Awesome options include a light inspired by Super Mario; that is, a yellow coin block hanging from the ceiling that activates when you fist bump it. Or the Halo Master Chief Helmet lamp.


Gamers tend to have a lot of gaming-related stuff, so keeping it all organized can be a challenge. For Rockband enthusiasts, there’s a storage ottoman that holds the guitars and doubles as a stand for the drum kit. This makes for a great living-room centerpiece.

Buzzfeed suggests using an extra mini-fridge to store and organize games, and if that’s your style, go for it!

Classic game lovers might like to have a set of Tetris shelves to store their games and consoles/controllers on, and there’s a bookshelf designed like Pac-man that mounts on your wall and “eats” your TV. Which is totally awesome.

And if you’re really crafty, Pinterest has a way to turn an old Nintendo 64 controller into a desk caddy that holds pens, pencils, and paper clips, and doubles as a charging dock.


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