As a consumer, what’s the main thing you want from a business? Is it the cheapest product? The fastest delivery? Or is it something more important than those things?

If you’re like most customers, the biggest thing that matters to you is whether a company cares. Does the company care about the quality of the product?

Does it care about my desires and needs? Does the firm care about customer service and helping people after the sale has occurred? Those are the questions most customers think about when making a purchase and developing a relationship with a company. Knowing this to be the case, you might appreciate the following five ways to show you care about customers.

1. Put a label on it

Insert promises for customer care in the descriptions of your products and services. For most tech businesses, it’s tempting to talk only about the innovative technical aspects of your business. That’s something your customer cares about as well. To bridge the gap, add customer service attributes to your technical specifications and marketing.

2. Deliver on customer service

If you’ve got a phone number listed, email address, or contact form on your website, make sure you respond to whatever comes through those channels. If it’s a voicemail message-taking system that’s routed elsewhere, make sure the response time is fast.

3. Feature happy customers on your website

Whether you include photos of your customers using your product in a happy way, or testimonials from customers that can be spread throughout your website and print materials, there’s no better way to show that your business cares about customers than to have customers say it and show it.

Testimonials and customer photos are very effective at building loyalty and rapport.

4. Hold events

Organize and host events online or offline, during which you thank customers and let them experience what you’ve got coming next.

5. Survey your customers and get their opinions

Whether you’re trying to assess your standing with your customers, or get ideas for what else you might provide of value to them, it’s a great idea to survey your customers. And the good news is, there are professional survey services and consulting firms that have pre-formatted (but customizable) templates to make your surveys painless and simple, but also very effective and replicable.


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