If you think imitating Miley Cyrus’ infamous twerking at this year’s VMAs will get a guy’s attention, you’re partly right about that. However, he’ll give it to you 5 minutes tops and will forever think you’re someone disrespectful of yourself. Getting some attention means wearing the right womens perfume for your age, sporting an age-appropriate outfit, or being well-versed on current events.


How does a guy pay attention to you? Here are 5 ways:

Spray a subtle yet long lasting scent. You don’t have to be in front of a guy literally just to get his eyes on you. Spray a subtle scent that’s enough to take his breath away like a fresh, romantic scent of Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise. A scent that has patchouli will give you a refreshing feel due to its mint characteristics. After all, men like that cool, mint fragrance for themselves so there’s no way they wouldn’t turn their heads to you. You can find women’s fragrance on sale from Beauty Encounter.

Dress appropriately on every occasion. Nowadays, women have the habit of flaunting their skin, desperately seeking attention. Whatever happened to “less is more”? Fortunately, not everyone follows Miley Cyrus’ lead. Think about sophisticated chic and you’ll find yourself checking outfits of Emma Watson, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. They dress impeccably well, respectable but still ultra sexy.

Make a Guy Pay You Some Attention in 5 Ways 1

Apply minimal day makeup. Getting all dolled up is the perfect excuse for that one time event, or an evening soiree, or if you’re always in front of the camera as a model, VJ or host. However, when you go out on a simple day, wear minimal makeup. Quality guys are not a fan of a 14-makeup daily ritual so keep it simple always. You see, guys like seeing a woman’s natural beauty up close. Never mind the flaws because these are part of your being.

Be smart. Catching a guy’s attention and prolonging it are two different things. To prolong a guy’s attention, you should be smart enough to hold his gaze and keep the conversation going. A guy will know how smart (or shallow) you are as soon as you open your mouth. You don’t have to be a nerd to hold a conversation but be smart enough to voice out your well-thought opinions.

Spend wisely. If you’ve been dating this guy for months or years, he wouldn’t tell you but he’s going to make mental notes on how you spend. Just by spending, he’ll know how you manage your finances. He’ll be thinking if you’re someone he can trust with his own money when the time comes you’ll both get married. It doesn’t mean you’ll never set foot on stores to shop for some little treats. It only means he’ll be watching how you spend your money wisely.

Making a guy pay attention to you is not all about the physical appearance. A woman who’s worthy of a man’s time is someone whose beauty is skin deep. For more beauty tips, visit Beauty Encounter’s blog. You can also discover this month’s all-in-one-giveaway by visiting their Facebook page.


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