Your car probably gets you from point A to point B. It might even be cool. But it’s probably not as cool as the cars below.

Science fiction has always led the way when it comes to cool cars. Here are the five coolest cars from sci-fi films:

1. Flying Bugatti (Elysium)

South African native Neill Blomkomp’s vision of the future isn’t very pretty in his new film Elysium. The titular giant space station which orbits Earth is home to the wealthy, and up there they have it good. They have a cure for cancer, a clean environment, and even flying Bugattis.

But things aren’t so great down below on ol’ planet Earth. In fact, everything down here is downright awful — which is why Matt Damon’s character gets bizarre robo-surgery and attempts to invade Elysium. The flying Bugattis are almost worth all that trouble.

2. K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider)

Sure, if you cruised around in a Pontiac Firebird today, almost nobody is going to think you’re especially cool. But all that changes if you’re cruising around in the Knight Industries Two Thousand.

Because KITT wasn’t just a car. He wasn’t even just a self-driving car. He was a super-car with a great personality. Calm, collected, rational … KITT is the crime-fighting partner everyone wants. Plus, he did all the driving; and when David Hasselhoff is behind the wheel, that’s just downright heroic for the rest of us.

3. Lexus (Minority Report)

This one-of-a-kind Lexus is all about style, since there’s no real information about what’s under its fictional hood. But it steals its scene in Minority Report, when Tom Cruise has to dip, dodge, and dive for safety as the car is built around him. Eventually he drives it right off the assembly line — literally. And who doesn’t like a brand new (and we do mean “new”) Lexus?

4. DeLorean (Back to the Future)

The DeLorean’s “starring” role in the Back to the Future trilogy is arguably the best thing to happen to it. The DeLorean Motor Company closed its doors right around the time the first movie hit theaters, and the non-time-traveling, real version of the car wasn’t exactly a superstar.

In fact, with its engine, hitting 88 miles per hour was a bit of a stretch. But Doc Brown’s version, with its Flux Capacitor, certainly left a mark on pop culture. If only the makers of the real DeLorean had access to a time machine….

5. Cricket (A.I.)

The future as presented in the Kubrick/Spielberg film A.I. is a bit of utopia and a bit of dystopia. But one thing that’s cool is the Cricket, a three-wheeled car driven throughout the film. In the world of A.I., consuming minimal resources is a must — because global warming has taken a turn for the worse.

The bullet-shaped, electric-powered Cricket has the means to go far on less. The best part is some of the science behind this car is in the Volkswagen XL1, and plenty of Volkswagens are available for purchase today.

Every car on the road starts as a vision in someone’s mind, and what seems fantastic today could be commonplace tomorrow. So marvel over the cars of science fiction; you just never know what’ll be the next new thing to round the corner here in the real world.


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