In an age when high-definition and three-dimensional televisions are all the rage, it’s hard not to crave a digital home theater, comparable to the systems in the cinema houses.

Movie, television, and sports fans can all get into the idea of a digital home theater to get the best viewing experience, without going to the events or seeing the film at theater. The perfect home theater has key elements, including the screen, seating for guests, and the screening equipment, whether a Blu-ray player, DVD player, or DVR depending on the set-up of your home cinema.

Let’s talk about the four main components.

1. Television options

Homeowners can design a theater-like experience by using a projection system and a large screen in the place of a traditional TV set, but that requires a dedicated room in which to control the lighting and the atmosphere of the entire space.

These systems cost more than flat-panel TVs that are more popular, currently enjoy falling prices, and tend to be on sale more often. Available options include plasma high definition TVs for high contrast. LCD HD TVs can be installed in brighter rooms with LED backlighting, and 3D TVs call for special 3D glasses and cost more than counterparts. They also require a 3D-capable Blu-ray player to watch 3D movies.

2. Source components

A movie player will be the principal source device in a home theater system. Blu-ray offers higher-quality picture and sound, along with high-resolution formats for sound. If a 3D TV is selected, a 3D Blu-ray player will be needed for the system.

A video server could be an additional feature of your theater if you have an extensive movie collection that you might want to store in digital form. A cable or satellite box can be included, as well as popular gaming consoles, such as Xbox 360, Wii, or PlayStation 3.

3. Sound System

A sound system for a home theater usually consists of 5.1 channels with speakers in the front left, center, front right, rear right, and rear left, as well as a subwoofer for bass in low-end effects. Some may include a second subwoofer, in a 5.2 channel, that delivers smoother bass.

Speakers are available as freestanding towers, bookshelf models, or mountable speakers because most customers like low-profile pieces that are high on performance.

4. Must-have furniture

The real theater experience is accented by furniture placed in the room in order to accommodate the host and guests while they watch movies or games in comfort. Home theater seating is available for those that have a dedicated room for viewing; or large, sectional reclining sofas can be comfortable for living rooms that are used for both entertaining and viewing of the home theater system.

If viewers are not comfortable, the trouble the homeowner went to in selecting and installing the digital components can be lost on them.


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