Bordeaux is a beautiful destination and capital of the department Gironde in the region Aquitaine of France. Widely acclaimed for its wine, the city is home to an over a million population. The city that kept away from the limelight for long has suddenly risen from its deep slumber only to become a hot destination in France. The visitors keep succumbing to its charm very now and often who take business class flights to Bordeaux. The city has an energetic feel that seamlessly combines with its classical architecture. The city’s lanes are lined with impressive mansions that speak a lot about its heydays. The beauty of the city can be understood with the fact that the entire city centre has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007.

Here we take a cursory look on the top sights of Bordeaux.

Triangle d’Or (Golden Triangle)

Triangle d’Or is one of the major draws in Bordeaux. The area surrounded by three boulevards offers an uplifting experience with its open spaces, architectural elegance and path lined with trees. There are shops, bars and some scrumptious dining options. The main attraction of this region is the Place de la Comédie, which should be part of your itinerary.

The Riverfront

The riverfront of Garonne River is ideal example of the transformation. This once abandoned place is now appears elegant with ample open space, gardens, shops, jaunty bars and cafés.

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St Pierre district

Those who want to explore the medieval side of Bordeaux should visit St Pierre district. The area is abuzz with bars and restaurants that are highly frequented by students and tourists. The area also offers some fabulous shopping options.

Musée d’Aquitaine

Those who want to explore the history of this region should visit Musée d’Aquitaine. The museum showcases the history of the region from the pre history onwards. The museum further showcases Atlantic commerce and the slave trade. This is the premier museums in Bordeaux.


The area is abuzz with the English, Irish and Dutch settlers who came to the city to dominate the Bordeaux wine trade. These expatriates settled beyond the city’s boundary in the Chartrons. The area is now part of the city. During their visit the tourists will come across the fine-wine houses and narrow workers’ streets and several shopping options.

The great air connectivity of the city also inspires tourists to take flights to Bordeaux so that they can explore city with ease. There is no dearth of hotels and restaurants in the city so guest should not worry about them.


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