You won’t believe some of the things people have managed to get tax reductions for. Let’s start with sex change operations. A man who felt that he was a woman trapped inside a man’s body was diagnosed with gender-identity disorder. The IRS granted his claim that a sex-change operation was a medical expense since it was to treat a diagnosed disease. $14,500 was deducted to cover hormone therapy and sexual-reassignment surgeries.

Another man was diagnosed emphysema—which occurs when the air sacs in your lungs are gradually destroyed—and was told by his doctor that swimming would improve his lung health. The IRS allowed him to deduct the cost of his pool, chemicals and supplies as a medical expense. In 1988, a stripper named Chesty Love claimed a $2,088 breast enlargement surgery as a business expense. She was granted the deduction in appeals court.

To learn about some other downright bizarre tax reductions people have managed to pull off, check out the infographic below!

Tax Me If You Can: Bizarre Things You Can Get Tax Reductions For


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