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Hands On: iKlip Stand for iPad and iPad mini

by Lance Gillilland on September 12, 2013
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Another hands on review for you!

This product is made by IK Multimedia and while they specialize in music related items – these products are useful for anyone with an iPad or iPad mini.


Easy to assemble!

Basically, what you have is a stand for your iPad.  One model fits 2,3,4th Gen iPad and the other, the iPad mini. They have a bendable elbow and an articulating iPad mount that give a lot of flexibility in terms of how you can position your device.

Initial assembly is very easy – See animated gif this page.  The most difficult part of the process is locking on the base.  I don’t know if I’m getting weak but that was actually kind of difficult.  It could just be me but it took some gritting of teeth and straining to get it to lock on properly. All other parts were really easy and I barely had to reference the manual. Attaching the iPad to the iKlip Stand is really easy especially if you have Apple’s cover or one that’s easily removable   I have a Bluetooth keyboard that clips on with a magnet like the Apple cover so I just popped the iPad out and slid it in to the iKlip.  If you’re worried that your iPad screen protector might get messed up, well that worked just fine too.  Nothing on the iKlip Stand caused it to peel away from the edges. I had no issues at all.

I’ve been using both iKlip Stand models for almost 2 weeks now and I find them to be very useful and not just for ‘music’ applications.  I love being able to glance over at my iPad on my  desk to view updates or even run my DirecTV app so see live television.  I can adjust the height to my liking and I don’t have to worry about the flimsy cover falling over since the iKlip Stand is very sturdy.  It’s a little heavy (with the iPad attached it weighs just over 3 lbs) but really, given that it’s holding a device that costs hundreds of dollars, I’m ok with a little extra weight.  If it keeps the iPad safe and it’s highly convenient, the weight is more than fine.  These are also handy in the kitchen.  My wife has been using her iPad mini while looking up recipes and the iKlip Stand keeps the mini off of the counter where it can fall victim to spills an splatters.  For business owners who are using iPad based carts, again, the iKlip Stand could come in very handy for ringing up clients.

The optional desk mount is a really nice feature too – if you decide that you want your device to have a more permanent storage place on your desk, you can install the desk clamp rather than the horse shoe shaped base.

Here are the main features according to IK Multimedia (here)

  • iKlip Stand for iPad: Desktop riser stand for iPad 2 & iPad 3rd and 4th Generation
  • iKlip Stand for iPad mini: Desktop riser stand for the iPad mini
  • Sturdy, robust thermoplastic with metal reinforced base
  • Tall enough to fit a keyboard, mixer or other studio device underneath
  • Two independent articulations for maximum flexibility
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • iPad orientation can switch from portrait to landscape
  • Available as a stand or desk clamp system

If I had to choose a weakness, and this is a stretch, I might just go with price.  At 69.99, it is slightly more than I might want to pay.  Like I said, it’s a stretch because when I compare to what’s out there for iPad stands, the iKlip Stand really actually seems reasonably priced for the quality and features you get.  The only other thing might be the articulating head.  It’s versatile but you really have to turn the knob so it’s really tight.  Even then it seems to have some movement in it after twisting the iPad around a few times.

Overall, I give the iKlip Stand a thumbs up and a rating of 4.25 out of 5 – another couple of great products from IK Multimedia.


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