It can be difficult to find just the right gift or plan the perfect day for that special man in your life, whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, father, uncle, brother, or son.

Most women complain that men are harder to shop for and to surprise with an activity than women. Many men feel awkward about dropping hints about what they would like to get. However, recent articles and interviews have suggested that there are patterns to what most men tend to prefer for their birthdays and for other important occasions in their lives.

Below is a list of possible gift and activity ideas to make his day memorable. They’re in no particular order, and they can be presented as stand-alone gifts or paired up for added flair. Some of the most appreciated gifts for most men can include:

1. A nice, low-key dinner or cookout

Instead of going out for a fancy dinner, why not surprise your valued one with a decadent but casual and comfortable meal in the home or on the grill? Adding balloons and/or flowers also makes the arrangements feel that much more significant.

2. Guy time with friends

Invite his best buddies over for games and cocktails, and allow them some uninterrupted guy time.

3. Evening time getting cozy

Many guys won’t admit it, but a good hug or some cozy time on the sofa sharing memories and stories is a great way to make an occasion special.

4. Rent a movie

Get one he’d really like to see but normally doesn’t get to watch.

5. Tickets to a special event

Surprise him with tickets to a favorite activity or pastime, such as a sporting event, music concert, tech conference, or whatever you suspect he’d enjoy.

6. An electronics gift

Give him the electronics gift he craves, or a gift card to a tech or game store.

7. Trip to the spa

A visit to the spa is a great gift, especially if he’s one of those guys who really enjoys the therapeutic benefits of a good massage.

8. Home repair or remodeling gift card

For the man in your life that is home-improvement oriented, consider a gift certificate to a Lowe’s or Home Depot.

9. A visit to a special place

A day trip to a special location, such as a park, hiking trail, brewery, or lodge is often a good start for a great memory in the making.

10. A vintage bottle

Letting him open a fine bottle of celebratory wine, complete with brand-new specialty wine equipment could be a great present.

Making a loved one’s birthday memorable can be a big factor in the maintenance of a good relationship. Aside from all the suggestions above, there are many other personal ways to show the man in your life that you care, and that caring can lead to the most treasured and enjoyable birthdays for both of you in the years to come.


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