Are Legends Born or Made?

heinekenThat’s the question Heineken is asking men with their latest Voyage marketing campaign.

Here’s the deal – take a regular everyday guy, drop him into an extreme situation or adventure, and see what happens!

Across four continents they’ll face a multitude of challenges – tough terrain, curious locals and unusual modes of transport. As the adventures unfold, things begin to come to life for both the traveler and for the viewer and taking advantage of the power of social and digital media, Heineken is giving us, the general public, the opportunity to watch these adventures as they unfold through a series of diary entries, journey updates and video on their new YouTube channel.

Sound good so far? That’s not it –

Get this – some lucky fans will get the opportunity to experience these Voyages themselves…

Heineken has an interesting social experiment here. I see incredible upside to this as it integrates digital media, social engagement, and yeah a recognized premium adult beverage brand (gotta love that!!)

For every adventure the traveler goes on, their final destination is home. Will they make it? The answer lies within each adventurer – the outcome of each encounter is completely unscripted, with the participants desire to overcome the challenges the only measurement for success.

Stay tuned!

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