Cap’n Crunch has been satisfying our late-night needs for over half a century now. His success as a late-night talk show host is largely because his questions probe deeper than 20,000 leagues under the milk sea. The Cap’n always manages to uncover the truth and never allows any conversation to get soggy—even in milk. Have you ever wondered though what he does during commercial breaks in his milk bowl? Let’s take a look!

During breaks, the Cap’n spoons guests and wrings milk out of his long mustache. A commercial break wouldn’t be complete without a cannon ball by the Cap’n. You can hear him complete vocal warm-ups, and he might be singing something like “save sad sufferers of soggy cereal.” It’s typical for Cap’n Crunch to blame milk bubbles on Sea Dog.

Want to help the Cap’n score an awesome guest host TV talk show gig? All you have to do is use #TeamCrunch hashtaggery on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. 1,299,149 people have already signed the petition. What are you waiting for? To learn more about all this, check out the infographic below!

The Cap'n Crunch Show - #TeamCrunch - Top 5 things the Cap'n Crunch does in his bowl during commercial breaks.
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