It is the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington.

Tributes, speeches, marches and remembrances are happening all across the country.

One particular discussion that really grabbed my attention today was that of Anderson Cooper interviewing Dr. Maya Angelou. Cooper talked about Dr. Angelou’s experiences with Dr. King, where she felt the country was overall in terms of realizing Dr. King’s dream and also what needs to happen next.

The entire interview was special, but there was one particular moment, when Anderson Cooper asked Dr. Angelou how she, personally, remembered Dr. King – that question took the interview into a whole new, magical direction.

Watch the interview, in it’s entirety below and be thankful that we’ve been blessed to have such a sweet spirit amongst us as Dr. Maya Angelou.

..:Part 1:..

..:Part 2:..

Thanks for posting this Anderson.

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