Jewelry is valuable, small and easy for a thief to transport, trade and sell, and, although made of metal and stone, jewelry is also fragile and easily damaged in a fire or other disaster. A person who owns any amount of valuable jewelry should take great precautions to store and protect his or her property. There are many ways that a homeowner might choose to store jewelry, but all storage methods are not created equal.

Jewelry Boxes and Chests
Jewelry boxes have been a popular way to store and display jewels for centuries. However, old-fashioned jewelry boxes often had one important feature in common with modern safes they locked for protection of the valuables inside. Most modern ones are not secure and do not lock. Although a wooden box or chest may look like a decorative furnishing and include special areas for safely storing different pieces of jewelry, a jewelry box is not as safe for storing them as a secure space that can be locked against theft and which is too large and unwieldy to be easily moved.

Hiding in Plain Sight
A simple way that many homeowners utilize to keep jewelry and other small valuables safe is a false book, picture or electrical outlet. These items are relatively inexpensive, look like the real thing and have a hollow space inside for storing a small quantity of valuables. The main drawbacks to these methods of storage are that they only hold a small amount of items and that most thieves are already aware of their existence. Another major problem is that the small space is not really designed for the proper storage of jewelry and can damage the items it is supposed to protect.

Safe Deposit Box
A safe deposit box inside a bank is a very secure way to store jewelry. Safe deposit boxes come in different sizes and configurations and are available in nearly every bank. However, like other methods previously mentioned, these spaces are not specifically designed for storing jewelry. Keeping a large collection of jewelry organized in a safe deposit box is difficult. Plus, it is not in the owner’s home, necessitating a special trip to the bank during regular business hours to gain access to a special piece of jewelry for a party or event.

Jewelry Safe
A jewelry safe is an ideal place to store jewelry at home for both easy access and security. A jewelry safe is designed to store jewelry in a way that both prevents damage and keeps it safe from theft. Many safes are also fireproof and designed to prevent damage from a natural disaster. Other benefits of a home jewelry safe include having a place to keep jewelry out of sight but still inside the owner’s home so that it can be examined, shown off and worn regularly. Some jewelry safes are even portable, allowing them to be taken on vacation or a business trip while providing secure storage.

The use of a jewelry safe for home or travel is an excellent way to protect jewelry at all times. An individual who owns even a small quantity of expensive jewelry should look into purchasing a jewelry safe for proper protection and storage of his or her valuable possessions.


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