A company is as good as its employees are—so it makes sense for a company to treat its employees well. Under the old management style, this just wasn’t the case. Employees were viewed as the cause of all problems and motivated by fear of failure. In the new management style, problems are viewed to be a result of poor existing processes that need refining and tweaking. Employees are self-motivated and there is a culture of teamwork.


Many of today’s top companies are using new management styles that encourage teamwork, creativity, and boost employee happiness. Google, for example, offers employees free child care, hair cuts, gourmet food, on-site gyms, laundry services, shuttle service, and oil changes. Facebook’s campus has been called its own city, and it includes a candy shop, bank, dentist’s office (after eating all that candy!), doctor’s office, gym, Mexican restaurant, pizzeria, burger place, and more!

To learn more about some of the perks the top companies in the world are offering, check out the infographic below!

The Management Revolution
Source: topmanagementdegrees.com


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