Planning a wedding can feel like an uphill struggle. Those of us who have been lucky enough to walk down the aisle know that the big day is partly underscored by relief that the months of organization are over. Your hen party is your chance to kick back, relax, and let your hair down. Follow these tips to make sure that you say goodbye to single life in style.
  • Think Carefully About Who To Invite

Social etiquette requires that on your wedding day you have to invite awkward relations and people you’ve known since childhood, who you don’t actually like very much. Your hen party is your chance to invite only the people you want to celebrate with. Keep the group small, and confined to those who will help to make it great.

  • Set The Date For At Least 3 Weeks Before The Wedding

Having your hen party close to the wedding is a terrible idea. You’re likely to be stressed and overwhelmed in the weeks running up to the big day. A horrendous hangover won’t help matters and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t have it the day before. That’s just silly.

  • Discuss Your Budget

The whole point of a hen party is to surround yourself with the friends who matter the most to you. Sitting in the sun and drinking a Margarita won’t be as fun on your own. Make sure you discuss with guests exactly what they can afford and only do something that everyone is comfortable with.

  • Plan Some Fun Activities

Your hen party doesn’t have to be all about drinking. It can be much more fun to do activities and spend some quality bonding time together. For girly girls a budget spa day like those offered by Last, are a great choice. A spa break has the added bonus of making you feel relaxed and fabulous in the run up to your big day.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, an activity like Go Ape can be lots of fun.

  • Pick A Theme

A theme is an easy way to give the event a focus, and create a party atmosphere. Getting everyone looking silly is also an effective ice breaker. Sites such as Perfect Party offer themed fancy dress.

  • Choose A Venue To Suit Everyone

Many brides adhere to the tradition of inviting older female family members. If you are including other generations make sure you pick a venue that they will feel comfortable in. You and your friends might think the stripper idea is hilarious, but Granny might not be so impressed.

  • Be Organised

Nothing ruins an event like things going wrong. If you’re going abroad, make sure everyone has their passports and tickets and double check all of your booking confirmations before you set off.

  • Make Sure Events Are Paced

You don’t want everyone to get drunk too soon and end up leaving early. Make sure a meal is included in the celebrations and that party games don’t start too early.

Planning a hen do can be stressful but these tips should ensure that things run smoothly. A little forward thinking and organisation can result in a brilliant event that you will always remember.

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