When was the last time you heard a cash register cha-ching? The changing face of the POS system has made Internet connectivity the life or death of a business. Almost every business experiences outages and often the cause is uncontrollable. On average, each minute of POS downtime costs the retailer $4,700, and almost 50% of customers would avoid a retailer or brand in the future if they have to wait longer than five minutes.


A wireless 3G/4G connection can be an effective solution to keeping your business up and running. The average uptime for a 3G/4G connection is greater than 99%, and failover plans can cost as little as $20/month. A 3G/4G connection can be set up in as little as one day, with a lower setup cost than any other service. In addition a wireless 3G/4G connection can free businesses to go mobile in applications such as food trucks, events and pop up stores.

To learn more about implementing 3G/4G failover in your stores, check out this infographic from retailcustomerexperience.com.

The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic]
The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic]
Compliments of Retail Customer Experience


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