A regenerating 1000-year alien who travels through time and space in his time machine/phone booth with an array of sidekicks and fashion accessories, who would have guessed that Doctor Who would last half a century. The Doctor has sure changed over the years. The first one was played by William Hartnell from 1963 to 1966. At age 55, he was the oldest to ever play the doctor. The first doctor wore a blue signet ring that had many special properties, and his first companion was Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford), the Doctor’s granddaughter. It was because of Hartnell’s health issues that the writers added the Dr’s ability to regenerate into a new body so the show could continue.


Fast forward to the current era of Doctor Who—the role is now being played by Matt Smith who happens to be the youngest ever to play the Doctor. He wears the iconic bowtie and fez as instantly recognizable fashion accessories, and his first companion was Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), the “Girl Who Waited.”

Just why do we love the doctor? He can transform himself into a completely new person, allowing the character to evolve and change with the times. Are you a Doctor Who fan? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check out the infographic below to learn more!

Doctor Who Turns 50
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