Keeping your home looking modern and nice takes time, money, and effort.  But interior and exterior changes are a great way to improve the value of your home and make it more enjoyable for yourself. Here are some fun things to consider doing to your home to make it look unique.

Wall Murals
Consider adding murals to give boring walls some character. A mural will be an original work of art that is unique to your home and more affordable than traditional wallpaper. Have an idea of what you are looking for prior to starting the design process; think about color, theme, and style. You can opt for your wall mural to have the same color scheme as the room, or design your room around the color scheme of your wall mural. If you change your mind, a mural can be easily covered with paint.

Tired of the piles of clutter? Take the time to really organize your home. Start by cleaning out non-essential items and things that have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for years. Donate old clothing, furniture, and other things that are taking up space. Use storage bins and totes to organize your holiday items. This will make it much easier to keep everything clean and organized. Most people do not realize how cluttered their homes are until they start to clean them out and see the difference in space.

Water Fountain
A fountain can be a great addition to any home. Many people find a small indoor fountain gives off a peaceful sound that can offer serenity and rest. Adding an outdoor fountain is another wonderful way to update the exterior of your home. You’ll find lots of indoor and outdoor fountains to choose from at garden centers and home improvement stores. Be sure to look at how much room you have to work with so you can select the right size.

If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, you may want to consider adding one. A fireplace helps to create a unique indoor environment. Electric fireplaces can quickly warm a room and create a cozy atmosphere. Modern electric options like a gel fireplace can give you a warm interior when the power goes out. They also looks just like traditional fireplaces, without the need to install new gas lines and add a chimney.


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