Several unique businesses are ready to thrive in 2013 and offer transformative services to society. Nest, for example, has designed a home thermostat that learns its users behavior in order to adjust and save energy. The first version (released in 2011) helped slash energy bills by an average of $173 a year and worked in 75 percent of homes. The new version will work in 95 percent of homes. This year, Nest plans to make more utility deals and spread into Europe.

Proteus Digital Health has produced an ingestible medical sensor capable of sending information to your smartphone. Failure to follow prescribed care costs the U.S. at least $100 billion a year. The sensor is 1mm in size and powered by stomach acid—and it tracks intake schedule and the effect drugs have on the body. CEO Andrew Thompson expects the sensor to eventually be embedded into pharmaceuticals.

These are just some of the emerging businesses of 2013. Others include Square, Sproxil, Oxitec, Coursera, Ouya, Pig Newton Inc., SurfEasy, and Hailo. To learn more about these businesses, check out the infographic below presented by

Top 10 Businesses to Watch in 2013
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