A “Thank You” note for a gift that was so thoughtfully chosen for you or for someone’s kind words at a time when you were sad or down in the dumps should aptly convey your gratitude and appreciation. An email or an SMS can hardly do the honors. You need something more personal and intimate. How about a handwritten note, enveloped and stamped, that is delivered to the mailbox (not the virtual kind) of a loved one?


You have loved receiving handwritten letters where every word was pregnant with feelings, the folds of the paper carried the warmth of the sender’s touch, and even the spaces between the words had something to say. So, it is only natural that you will want to send a thank you card that is so laden with what your heart has to say. You can send one and that too without leaving your seat! Here’s how.

Fill Out the Address Book

Create an address book online. Don’t worry. It will be out of bounds of prying eyes. Ask your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone and everyone special in your life to fill out your address book with their postal mailing addresses.

Choose a Card from a Gallery

Traditional designs. Quirky humorous photographs. Madcap images that will leave everybody in splits. Or just a simple “Thank You” printed in an elegant lettering. You can have your pick from an array of online thank you cards designed by talented artists who know how to convey emotions through strokes and splashes of colors.

Type Your Message in a Handwriting Font

Gather your thoughts and type them. Choose a handwriting font to match the mood of your words. These fonts look very realistic and immediately give a personal touch to your card. Then send the cards to as many recipients as you want. You will just need to click on their names in your address book. Voila! Your card has been sent (after course, being printed, enveloped, addressed, and stamped).

The Convenience of Online Thank You Cards

You may call it the snail mail but the romance and thrill of opening the mailbox and retrieving a letter addressed to you, in hand, cannot be denied. The joy of sending a handwritten note of thanks can only be compared to the elation of receiving one. And what is more, you can send one without needing to scour countless shops to find a card that is apt for the occasion and trudge to the post office to post it.

You can also rest assured in the knowledge that the thank you card you have sent has been printed on an environmentally-friendly paper. So you have not only been thoughtful but have also shown concern to Mother Nature.

There was once a time when people had time to stop, sit, pen a few lines for their loved ones, and then actually make the effort to go all the way up to the post office. Times have changed and so have the modes of expressing gratitude. But an online thank you card that mimics a handwritten note and is delivered to the mailbox of the recipient relives that quaint old world tradition without any of its hassles.

For more information on how to mail and send thank you cards online – see this video:

This article was written by Camela Scott, a free lance writer and mother of two.  Camela enjoys finding time savers, like Postable, and sharing them with her friends and family. 

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