Esurance, the direct-to-consumer insurance company, is partnering with digital innovation agency ClearHart Digital to revolutionize the music festival experience like never before.

The insider band lets Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival attendees stay connected, save memories, and even win prizes, all with the tap of the wrist. Only available to 10,000 of the festival’s 65,000-a-day audience, the insider band is the future of concerts.

“We are excited to partner with Clearhart Digital to bring concertgoers into the twenty-first century,” said Esurance Vice President of Marketing, Darren Howard. “This emerging technology aligns perfectly with Esurance’s approach of providing innovative tools to make experiences better – whether that’s insurance or a music festival.”

Uniquely connected to each attendee and their Facebook profile, the insider bands allows festival-goers to tap specially marked towers around the festival to take and upload photos, save memories like music set lists, and remember brewery or winery names from Outside Lands’s famous Beer and Wine Lands. Most importantly, users can check in at different stages and landmarks, see where their friends are checked in, and send messages to their network.

“We know first-hand how frustrating it can be to stay in touch at big events,” says ClearHart Director of Strategy, Erica Mannherz. “These days, we expect to be able to check in with our friends at all times. The insider band lets you do that effortlessly, without taking you out of the festival experience (or having to worry about dying phone batteries).”

Outside Lands ticket holders can register for insider bands here. At the festival, Insiders can then pick up their unique bands at the Esurance tent at the Polo Field. Tapping an insider band at any of the towers will allow access to a personalized dashboard where users can:

  • Instantly win cool prizes
  • Take photos and upload them to Facebook
  • Download set lists
  • Remember food and drinks
  • Check in and find your friends
  • Send friends messages

When it’s all over, users can relive their favorite moments by accessing an online memory bank full of photos, music, and cool stuff they did during their epic weekend at Outside Lands.



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