Halloween is a special time of year. People find their most festive moods and go out to collect candy. It is a tradition that has been passed down for generations as something to look forward to in the fall months. As Halloween approaches and costumes start selling off the racks, children and adults start wondering what they will wear for this year’s edition. Certain costumes tend to sell out faster than others (as shown at costumeexpress.com). This piece will describe the most popular costumes in recent years and what makes them so special.



These are all the rage right now, reflecting box-office trends. There have been a host of comics-based movies and a rise in the popularity of superheroes. These fictional characters have been around for a long time and continue to attract attention from children and adults alike. Everyone wants to be their favorite superhero, and there are so many to select from. Superman, Batman and Spiderman are often the most popular Halloween costumes. They are fun and theme-oriented, which is essential when looking for Halloween costumes.


With the recent Twilight craze, vampires have once again become an obsession among teenagers. Of course, Dracula has always been a popular costume over the years. Yet, it is the regular vampires without the cape that have gained popularity. It is an easy costume to pull off; all you need are fangs.

The vampire costume was a masculine choice in the past, but it has become all the rage among women. Twilight has left an impact on the current generation and continues to inspire costume choices during Halloween.

Witches and Wizards

We’ve seen the end of the Harry Potter series, but the costumes they’ve influenced live on. Fans of the books and movies have continuously mingled around with these costumes. There are so many options with witch and wizard costumes.

Pop culture will always have a direct impact on popular Halloween costumes. This is certainly the case with witches and wizards. These costumes have had some representation over many years but have experienced a recent boom. Harry Potter will almost certainly be at your next Halloween celebration!

Angry Birds

The popular game for smart phones has become a popular Halloween costume. Though popular, it can still help someone stand out from the crowd due to its shape and color. It’s an easy, fun costume to put together.

And there you have some of the most popular Halloween costumes. Get creative and develop a costume all your own that is based on a current trend!

Jerome Worthington is a freelance writer who focuses on costumes, fashion trends, design and other related topics; to learn more about top Halloween costumes visit http://www.costumeexpress.com/.

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