Do you have a favorite baseball team? How has it performed over recent years? Your team’s performance may well depend on its spending power. In the last decade, 75 percent of the teams to win the World Series have had budgets over the league average of $98 million. Having stockpiles of cash really makes a GM’s life so much easier. For most GMs, however, the challenge is “base ballin” on a tight budget. Fortunately, today’s GMs are typically younger and highly educated in statistical analysis.

Overall, the general managers of the Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, Washington Nationals, and the San Diego Padres have performed the best. The Big GM losers come from the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, and the New York Yankees. Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s are very sharp in terms of maximizing their roster. To give you an idea, the A’s are the third poorest team in baseball—but they’ve made it to the postseason six times since 2000.

To learn more about the most cost-effective GM winners (and losers), check out the infographic below.

Sports General Managers - How To Do More With Less
Source: Sports Management Degree Hub


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