When you hear the phrase “world’s fastest swimmers,” if Michael Phelps comes to mind then you may want to take a look at this infographic. There is a lot more going on with fast swimmers than just Olympians. In fact, when stacked up against nature’s swimmers, even a gold medalist is left in the dust (bubbles).


Even the fastest of human swimmers are only pushing three meters per second, while the sailfish and it’s 300 lbs of pure evil swim along at an impressive 31 meters per second. The dolphin isn’t far behind at 17 meters per second and, though slower, is considerably less threatening than a sailfish.

Granted, us human types were not built for the water, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to conquer it all the time. From swimming the English Channel to high tech fancy swimsuits, we will always find a way. Take a look at the infographic below for more on swimming and water facts.



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