The Tour de France, the most famous cycling competition in the world, is known for its prestige and its scandals. Who can forget Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace in the public eye, his candid admission of guilt on Oprah in January, and his titles and honors being thrown in the garbage? However, most people don’t know that scandals have been a part of the Tour de France since its establishment.

In 1904, contestants tried to take shortcuts and ride cars and trains to finish faster, and in 1905, nails and broken glass were thrown onto the course, causing disruptions and flat tires. Eventually, substances, including cocaine and chloroform, became so widespread it was almost impossible to play fair.

However, after a cyclist died during the 1960 Tour from an amphetamine overdose, a ban on stimulants was put into place, and ever since the Tour has conducted anti-doping tests. Unfortunately, despite these measures, doping is still widely practiced among Tour de France participants.

Check out the infographic below presented by to learn more about scandal in the Tour de France.



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