The Carson LensMag™ magnifiers are very easy to use macro lenses that attach to the iPhone 5. They attach magnetically and add either 10x or 15x magnifying power to your camera (Yes, the pack comes with 2 lenses).  The only downside is that you have to remove your case.  It’s not a big deal but if your case is hard to remove or reattach, you may get a little annoyed.  Otherwise these lenses work seamlessly with the camera. I’ve attached a few sample images to give you an idea as to what the 10x and 15x lenses might do compared to the iPhone’s built in focal range.

My Photo Stream14

Favorite features

Simple, no parts to worry about in terms of breaking down, great for macro photography, easy to use, light weight (.3 oz), Most importantly these do not cause you to lose your clear protective cover over your iphone.  I’ve used the Olloclip before and though it’s a nice device, more often that not, it will cause my cover to peel up.  Then it bends and airbubbles sneak in.  No thanks.  Using a magnet attachment is MUCH better.


Have to remove case in order to use and only available for iPhone 5.  I wish they made them for the older iPhones too.


I did a little shopping around and found the cost to be just over $10 – on Amazon they’re going for $13.22.  Overall, if you’re in the market for a macro lens for the iPhone 5 that’s easy to use — Get this one.  You can see the image quality above.  They work and they are reasonably priced.  What’s not to love?

Do you use any camera attachments for your smart phones?  Which ones are your favorites?


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