In a world that’s going online at an exponential rate, it’s no surprise that crime has followed suit, moving from offline theft to online theft. It’s never been more vital to protect your data from human and computerized threats.

Limit your exposure with a dedicated server

One method of ensuring a higher probability of maintaining healthy online operations is to get your very own dedicated server. Many hosting services put your data on the same server as other businesses, which is referred to as shared hosting.

If any of those businesses have security loopholes, however, or experience a critical event like a traffic surge or system-wide virus, it’s possible for all the other businesses and sites on the shared server to be affected and suffer costly downtime. A dedicated server reduces that risk, by providing you with your own server.

Another risk of the shared servers that has nothing to do with downtime, but everything to do with site performance and search engine optimization, is site speed. When you share a server with hundreds of other businesses, end users will typically experience a wide range of performance speeds.

Google offers a tool to help improve site speed and is now rumored to measure that as part of its ranking algorithm, which is critically important to the ability of a business to be found by those searching for it.

Please your customers and protect data at the same time

In addition, consumers are increasingly unwilling to wait for slow-performing sites to load. Many studies indicate a typical customer is willing to wait only 3-6 seconds for a page to load, before giving up and leaving.

This leads to another factor that is critical for both your business and for search engine optimization: bounce rate. This refers to how many customers leave your site almost immediately, so a high bounce rate has negative implications and potentially drastic penalties from the ranking algorithm of Google and most other search engines.

Beyond the need for a dedicated server, which is fairly easy to acquire online, you’ll need to find a swift path to PCI-DSS (payment card industry data security standard) compliance if you are operating an e-commerce site that accepts payments. There are cloud computing pci hosting services available online, with simple and fast setup times.

A dedicated server with PCI hosting is the lazy person’s way to protect data online, and keep your business running smoothly!


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