Content marketing is all the craze right now in the online marketing sphere. Content marketing tactics include producing high-quality blog posts, feature articles, optimized website copy, white papers, social media content, and press releases.

How do you measure awareness success? It involves tracking rankings in search engine result pages, growth in website’s first time visitors, and social metrics, including likes, followers, +1s, upvotes, etc. Over 90 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75 percent of searchers don’t bother venturing past the first page of results. Consideration is extremely important because search engines rank content based on relevance. Important metrics here include total pageviews, visit duration, bounce rate, and social metrics. Conversion success brought by content marketing efforts should also be measured, which can be done by tracking sales or leads.

Are you measuring these performance indicators? To learn more about all this as well as what should be tracked after conversion, check out the infographic below courtesy of Brandpoint.

content marketing


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