When was the last time you did some de-cluttering around your home? “From toys and trinkets to clothing and shoes, we tend to accumulate more than we need. Clearing the clutter and chaos can lift your mood and keep you on track in other areas of life.” This was said by professional organizer Lorie Marrero, founder of the Clutter Diet. You can sell your home for money by de-cluttering, which is an important consideration given the current economic climate. A $402 de-cluttering cost can bring in a return of $2,204, which is an ROI of 403 percent.

You can decrease your stress level, clear your mind, breathe easier, find more time for fun, improve your kids’ friendships, cut household expenses, and bump up your credit score by de-cluttering. Best of all, you can improve your sex life in the process!

So, go de-clutter! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To learn more about these gains, check out the infographic below

Clutter Infographic
produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.




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