The era of tablets was ushered in by the iPad which went on to become the crowned one among all others. Despite tough competition, it continues to be the consumer’s choice because of the ease of use offered by the iOS platform and it is now being reinvented. Let’s explore some of highlights.

Control Center
On a big tablet like the iPad, you can’t just keep your hands at the bottom like one would do on an iPhone. Allowing instant access to the Control Center with the ability to drag it up from anywhere sweetens the deal. Now, it’s much easier to increase volume, brightness or do any task in the area without having to navigate all the way down.

Swipe Anywhere
Everyone loved how the iPhone innovated the swipe to unlock concept but now with the big 9.7″ inch screen, its fair that they allow users to swipe anywhere to unlock the screen. There’s a lot of unused space and you will most probably use the button on top to switch it on which makes this addition in iOS 7 very useful.

Underplayed Looks
Apple was all about premium looks and paved way for stuff like the virtual library which usually looked gorgeous. It well known that Apple has managed to win the youngsters and especially the Students. Having this in mind the light version of iOS 7 as suggested in college reviews looks great and simple on the retina display but bit muddy on standard ones, says for example the iPad mini. Mail or Newsstand looks bit pixelated but we can assume that the final version will be more polished to suit smaller resolutions.

Sluggish Animations
No one can complain because its in beta but animations are sluggish when switching from home screen to an app or when similar tasks are initiated. The issue is found persistent on both iPad Mini and the iPad 3. Assuming the OS is undergoing a major overhaul; this is expected and might be rectified in the final release.

Screen Tapping
The very basic function of tapping on the screen to close the open folder, while multitasking is now missing in the new OS. Even though, it’s easy to bring it back before the public release, apple is already criticized for removing such an important addition. When the wallpaper is clicked as usual to log out of the open folder, it just doesn’t budge, for now.

Users are accustomed to the five fingered pinch and four-fingered swipe actions. In the new iOS7, it looks bit muddled and not compatible with few apps but the final release is what one should look forward to. These are the gestures that help the iPad stand out and provide a premium experience for its users. In case if it isn’t fixed by the release data, it’s something to worry about.

In conclusion, the criticism on icons and removing colour schemes is something that users should give up to get a better experience. A variety of most wanted features are about to come in but some iPad centric ones might just become history for the sake of moving forward with a productive and simplistic future.


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