It seems like you cannot do anything today without having a college degree, but is it really worth paying the sky-high tuition rates?

Students are graduating with huge holes in their pockets, with only one in three college students graduating debt free. The average student debt is $26,000, and 39% of graduates estimate that it will take at least 10 years before they can pay back their school loans. Another 44% of graduates delay buying a house because their too deep in debt.

Florida Memorial University is among the worst schools for return investment. When a school has a negative return investment, that means the long term benefits don’t match up to the cost of tuition.

It may be time to educate yourself about why attending university may do more harm than good. Check out this infographic from to see which schools have the worst return of investment, and learn more about why getting a degree from a university may not be the smartest option.

When Higher Education Doesn't Pay Back
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When Higher Education Doesn't Pay Back [Infographic] 5


  1. When Higher Education Doesn

    […]Then, if they don’t, ask how much they’d wipe off if you could pay in full right then – or name an amount yourself. Sometimes they’ll agree to it.[…]


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