Driving Innovations That Have Made Cars Safer

A good number of innovations have been made in the past few years to improve the cars’ safety.

In a recent article we represented these inventions that have brought more positive impacts to the security of vehicles on the road.

Today’s engineers seem to focus mostly on the safety of the car, rather than its features, they pay more attention to the means by which humans can be protected. Below are a few driving innovations that have made cars safer while on the road.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg from the Mercedes team have now joined forces with Allianz and have come up with a cutting edge Drag Reduction System (DRS) demonstration. It is the same system used F1 drivers use to reduce drag and slingshot into pole position. With an explanation of this technology this video is a good watch makes the video a good watch.

Bringing the controls closer to the drivers’ hands, Formula 1 cars’ cockpits have been dwindled and in fact most of the controls gradually moved to the steering wheel. The gear-changing peddlers of these cars now find their space in the back of the steering wheels. A typical Formula 1 steering wheel currently incorporates over 20 control buttons. It has also been designed to turn to a maximum of up to three quarters. This usually allows the drivers to keep hold of their stable grip all the times. While one may argue that this multiple functionality may make the steering wheel seem too complicated, it in fact increases the driver’s chance of winning the race.

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