When we talk about common violations of consumer rights we are talking from the business’s point of view. Some organizations sell products or services that are contradictory to consumer interest and can cause physical harm or emotional distress. As much as the consumer needs to be vigilant and informed about his or her rights, it is also the duty of the law to keep spurious practices adopted by these companies in check. There are some businesses that may violate consumer rights and it is the duty of the government to control these violations for the safety of the public.

Most Common Violations
Some of the most common violations include illegally selling tobacco to minors and including false information about the product such as the ingredients or weight. Other violations include incomplete information about the product, deceptive advertising, and lack of proper packaging.

Protect Consumers
The government should ensure that businesses know and abide by the laws. They need to be responsive to all types of consumer questions and concerns. There should be regular checks conducted by the government to ensure that the business is complying with all rules and regulations regarding violations.

A company can also address consumer concerns. A suggestion/complaint box is useful for consumers to write any complaints. Once these complaints are received, the case should be studied in detail and immediate action should be taken to correct the problem.

Routine Inspections
Governments in many countries do random checks on companies and verify whether they are abiding with laws regarding consumer rights. If consumers’ complaints are found to be genuine then strict action is taken against the business and the court may also order it to pay compensation to the consumer.

Free Copies
Free copies of common violations against consumer rights are made available for the public to refer to. The compliance materials are available in English as well as local languages of the region. All this ensures that the customer is well aware of his rights and there is a fair marketplace for consumers.

Extra Steps
Some governments also go that extra mile by partnering with community-based organizations which distribute information materials. The violations are also published in newspapers and on the Internet so that people become more aware of the situation. This way, the consumer can avoid getting caught in unfair or unfavorable circumstances.

Things businesses should know
There are certain factors that every business should know. The business should be well aware of all the laws that it needs to comply with. If a license is necessary to operate the business, it should be obtained within a reasonable frame of time. Every business should remember that it is being watched and it could fall in trouble if it violates any of the laws, and businesses can spread the message of ethics to the consumers and set an example for other businesses.

Businesses having sales volumes over a particular figure need to post product prices on the packaging. There should be no discrimination in the price based on gender, culture, or age. In case goods need to be weighed, then the measures and scales used should show the true value. Businesses that sell tobacco products or alcoholic drinks should have a valid license to do so at all time.

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