Summer isn’t just a time for the ladies to get their wardrobes in order; guys need to do it too. Even the most fashion-inept dude can update his style with a few simple changes and purchases. There are tons of ways men can enjoy a chic and summer-ready look without ever having to break a sweat trying to look good.

1. Shorts

The summer season is all about stylish comfort that allows for an easy-breezy look. Shorts that can go from day to night are perfect for men on the go. Try buying either cargo pants or shorts that come with a lot of pockets so you can store all your summer essentials. These shorts can also be perfectly paired with a polo or band tee.

2. Shoes

When it comes to footwear, guys should avoid wearing flip-flops anywhere but at the beach. Man feet are just not attractive and nobody wants to see them. Instead, invest in a good pair of sneakers that will get you through the summer. Simple kicks can be paired with everything from shorts, jeans, and dress pants.

3. Shades

Sunglasses are essential in the summer, so it’s a good idea to get yourself a good pair of shades to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight. Sunglasses come in a broad variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Try a sturdy set of aviators to rock while you are driving or at the beach.

4. Color

Men may hate to dress in bright colors, but you can still be fashionable without looking like you’re going to a funeral. Skip the “safe colors,” such as forest green, navy blue, and gray, and try adding some spice to your wardrobe by buying accessories or clothes in deep purples, oranges, or blues. You’ll look amazing, we guarantee it.

5. Accessories

Summer is all about simplicity, so don’t go big on the accessories. A simple belt or hat can work perfectly during the summer, as well as a classic watch or great pair of sunglasses. A bandanna sticking out of the back pocket is always a great fashion statement and can be used to wipe sweat from your face in a pinch.

6. Bathing suit

Guys need to have their swimwear ready for the surf. Choose a loose-fitting and brightly colored swim suit that compliments your body shape and size. Avoid the Speedo, unless you’re built like Brad Pitt.


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