Ever since the appearance of Internet, the way we interact with people, work and chat has changed dramatically. Many services that once required an active physical presence have now become compliable in a number of clicks. At the same time, various processes can now be completed online, regardless of your current location. Some of these services were slow and awkward to access, so their digitize has been regarded as a blessing by most people. Furthermore, the digital era has led to an increased efficiency and cost reduction in a number of sectors. Next we’ll show you a couple of services which were once accessible solely offline, whereas now they are hardly done in person anymore:


Online College review Service

A decade ago, students’ only chance of finding out about a certain college was either to ask his/her friends, or to read what the newspapers and magazines wrote about it. However, this process has significantly changed with the appearance of the Internet. Nowadays users can read online college reviews from actual students, as well as discover university guides complete with reviews and ratings, all within a few mouse clicks.

Digital Television

Even if people have the option to access hundreds of satellite TV channels, their choice is still limited. Thus, more and more people prefer to turn on the computer and search for a certain channel instead of contacting their cable company to ask why they do not receive it. Furthermore, the Internet has revolutionized television due to the fact that most serials, movies and operas can now be accessed online, sometimes free of charge, regardless of one’s location.

Digital Wills services

Couple years ago making a will was a complex task and involved getting in touch with a lawyer for multiple sessions. However, nowadays anyone can download the will in electronic format and complete it within a couple of minutes, given that it has the necessary tools. Such will is legally valid in a law court, and when compared to one written in the presence of an attorney is much faster and cost-efficient.

Electronic Signatures

A person’s signature plays a vital role in the authenticity of a document. A few while ago, businesses had to send authorized people in place to sign the documents. Thus, they failed to monetize their resources efficiently and often wasted precious time in the process. However, since the introduction of digital signatures, the entire process has been revolutionized completely. In present days such signature is fully valid and can be used from companies in a wide range of niches, enabling them to save money and get in touch with a bigger number of clients.

Online Dating Era

Once regarded as a purely physical process, dating has massively turned digital in the last decade. Nowadays people socialize more and more through social networks such as Facebook, and they even started bonding relationships through them. Furthermore, many dating agencies now operate online, with users only having to fill in their profile to access a huge database of possible partners.


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