Nowadays with everyone trying to keep a tight budget, college has become an in-and-out thing for most students. Getting the best degree that will get the best job in the shortest amount of time is now the number one priority. Though the “best” degrees might not be what most people think they are. In fact, many once popular and promising degrees have been bumped down to completely useless.

For example, a master’s degree in education won’t get you as far as it used to. With an unfortunate starting salary of $37,200 and career options like a teacher, principal, or social work, a master’s in education might be a pass.

Who doesn’t love that good old time religion? Apparently, a master’s in theology won’t provide the salary that would keep most laymen happy. Job options like ordained ministry and chaplaincy only have an average starting salary of $32,400 a year.

Take a look at this infographic for more on master’s degrees that just don’t pay.

Master's Degrees That Don't Pay


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