Pizza is a favorite dish among many Americans. Many people love going out to pizza parlors on weekend nights to eat pizza with their family members and friends. In the United States, there are so many pizza parlors on each street corner that it can be difficult to decide which one to go to. Not every pizza place is created equal; there are some pizza parlors that are just better than others. No matter what city you’re in, these are some of the highest rated pizza parlors in the country.

Harry’s Pizzeria (Miami, FL)

Harry’s Pizza has only been around a year, but the restaurant already has the people in Miami raving about it. The pizzeria is set in a casual atmosphere and features seasonally-inspired pizza, so you can always taste something different. Harry’s Pizzeria is known for using Trugole cheese, which melts like mozzarella but is more gooey. Find out more about the restaurant by visiting

Great Lake (Chicago, IL)

This Chicago pizza restaurant only seats 12 people and doesn’t accept reservations, so the lines are always long. The customers, however, don’t seem to mind because the pizza is well worth the wait. All of their pizzas are cooked to order and many of the toppings are baked onto the crispy crust. Great Lake is famous for using Dante aged cheese and homemade fresh mozzarella on the pizzas. Find out more information about the restaurant by visiting

Mario’s Trattoria (New York, NY)

Located in New York City, Mario’s Trattoria is the perfect pizza restaurant to go to if you want to impress a date. In addition to serving New York style pie pizza, the restaurant is decorated beautifully with wooden furniture and candles and features live jazz music. The pepperoni, basil and egg pizza is one of this restaurant’s signature items. Find out more information about the restaurant by visiting their official website at

Tommy’s Pizza (Columbus, OH)

If you want to taste old-fashioned pizza, you should stop by Tommy’s Pizza. The Columbus, Ohio based restaurant was established in 1952, and the pizzas are made from traditional Italian recipes. The pizzas are made with a cracker-thin crust, homemade dough and sauces and are filled with up to six different toppings. The ham and pineapple pizza is a favorite among customers. Find out more about the restaurant by visiting

Cavalli Pizzeria Napoletana (Dallas, TX)

When you eat at Cavalli Pizzeria Napoletana, you will be able to taste authentic, Neapolitan style pizza. Rated the #1 pizza in Dallas by, the pizzas at this Texan restaurant are wood-fired in a 900 degree oven, making each pizza taste delicious and fresh. The crusts are chewy, the mozzarella is imported from Italy and the sauce is made from fresh San Marzano tomatoes. The pesto chicken pizza is one of the restaurant’s most famous pizzas; it’s made with fresh mozzarella, pesto sauce, ricotta and cheese. The pizza parlor is perhaps better known for its dessert pizzas like the almond joy pizza and peanut butter and jelly pizza. Find out more about the restaurant by visiting

Pequod’s (Chicago, IL)

Pequod’s is one of the many pizza restaurants in Chicago that serves deep dish pizza. This restaurant, however, takes a unique approach to deep dish pizza. Instead of having the pizzas piled high with cheese and sauce, the cheese is spread in a thin layer across the pizza and the ingredients are sparse. Find out more about the restaurant by visiting

Not seeing your city here? Check your local restaurant ratings to find a popular pizzeria near you. Take note from these high rated locations though and never underestimate the power of the small parlor—these locations often use the finest ingredients and original toppings to satisfy even the pickiest palate.

This article was written by Henry Mathis, a freelance writer who focuses on cooking, food & diet, health and fitness, nutritional science, foreign cuisine, restaurant criticism, culinary schools and other related topics.


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