Every company is looking to save money wherever it can, so employees will get the work done efficiently and on time. Technology can help to cut the cost of training new employees in many ways, and ensure that a firm hires the right people the first time.


Training a new employee is always a good investment, and many new apps and web tools are making training even easier. Here are seven tools that companies can use to get their new employees ready for the job:

1. Provide information about the company in the job listing

Potential employees can get ready for interviews if the company provides them with a good overview of the job demands and the firm’s mission. Company blogs and articles give new employees an idea of the culture they’re entering and what is expected of them.

2. Online job sites

With online portfolio sites like LinkedIn, employers are able to get to know an employee before he or she even steps into the interview. By starting out with a qualified pool of potential hires, businesses are less likely to end up with someone who isn’t prepared to do the job and needs more training than the company can provide.

3. Online assessments

Having new employees take online assessments will give employers a better understanding of their strengths and which areas could use more training. That way, the company won’t waste time training new hires in areas they are well versed in. They can hone in on the skills that employee needs to pick up.

4. IT training videos

Often, there are knowledge gaps among employees who have varying experience with technology. But with all the training videos on the market, there’s going to be a course in anything from programming to using a new computer system.

5. Digitize the company handbook

Having a digital copy of the employee handbook makes it easier for new employees to find information quickly and answer their own questions about what’s expected in that particular workplace.

6. Build a network

Having a standard instant messaging service for everyone in the workplace makes it easy for new employees to contact their coworkers and mentor(s) when they have questions.

7. Make many forms of communication available

With so much technology at hand, there are many ways that new employees can ask question in a way that they are most comfortable. Before, a lot of communication was done in person or over the phone, but now employees can communicate with a trainer via video call, instant message, email, and many other modes.

Instant communication and many options for exchange encourages employees to ask questions and gain as much knowledge in their training sessions as possible.

7 Web Tools That Lower the Cost of Training New Employees 5


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