As the economy grows and technology advances, many new professions are taking center stage. Vertical farming, genetic counseling, child design, robotics and mental health are all quickly-growing fields that may hold the keys to the future.

Today, one in five American adults take mental health drugs. Mental illness is steadily increasing around the world and the way it is identified is changing.

Because of the rise and reclassification of mental illness, the psych field is growing and changing. With the publication of the DSM-V, many disorders were eliminated while others were added. Cannabis withdrawal and gambling addiction were classified as mental illness while many forms of autism were lumped together.

Conflict in the Middle East has been raging for over a decade and has taken a toll on American soldiers. In 2012, mental disorders resulted in more hospitalization of US service members than any other diagnostic category. Not only this, but suicide has become the leading cause of death in the Army, surpassing combat and motor vehicle injuries. For every US soldier killed in war, 25 take their own lives.

For more examples of jobs of the future, check out this infographic from

Jobs of the Future

Jobs of the Future [Infographic] 1


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