What’s a social opt-in and why are apps using them?


An app requiring certain Facebook profile information such as name, last name, birthday and email address in exchange for access is called a social opt-in. Across the board, one in four Facebook brand pages have an app requiring it.

In France, apps specialize in fan gating. A fan gate is a request to “like” the Facebook page in order to access the app content. Sixty-eight percent of French apps employ fan gating. Compare this to 19 percent in the UK and nine percent in the US.

The top three pieces of information requested by Facebook page tab apps are email, birthday, and page likes. Twenty percent of worldwide apps requiring login ask for nothing in return.
However, all Facebook apps get Facebook calls “public info.” This includes location, gender, age range and language.

To find out more about Facebook apps and brands, check out this infographic from Neolane.

Social Opt In Analyzing Facebook Apps of 150 Leading Brands [Infographic]
Via: Neolane

Social Opt-in: Analyzing Facebook Apps of Leading Brands [Infographic] 1


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