The decision to find a professional looking office helps make or break a business transaction. It’s a place where you can grow your product or service, manage your operations, connect with clients and so forth. But is it something that you can afford to acquire now or at least maintain if you’re just starting your company? What if you were told that hot-desking and shared offices are a good alternative to renting high-cost traditional office spaces? You should consider saying ‘YES’ to this cost-effective offer because it can certainly help relieve you of your rent concerns and more.

What exactly can hot-desking and shared offices offer business owners?

Hot-desking is basically focused on ‘fixed desks’ that are arranged in a shared office setting. These hot desks will provide the flexibility that you need for work, whenever you require it and whenever you demand it. The arrangement is as simple as going to your designated workspace, plugging into your computer, and of to work you go! A desk will always be readily available for your use. What’s more, modes of payment are typically offered in hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly terms with inclusions of certain support services. So the cost is really at a minimum if you’re just starting a small venture.

Shared offices on the other hand (also referred to as business centers, executive suites or serviced office spaces) allow you to focus more on your company rather than worry about what needs to be done for the office. These are also great workspaces that you can get to share with other interesting professionals and corporations. Moreover, it’s a business solution that can be easily put into operation as soon as it’s implemented. It’s a very dynamic area that can be used regardless if you intend to meet clients here or to simply work in a more productive place. It’s also perfect for those who are looking not just to save on office rental costs, but to also have a change of setting (a great alternative to home-based businesses as well).

Basic facilities that you can expect from a shared office when hot-desking

Most shared offices are fully furnished. So potential clients will not only benefit from the space provided to them. They can also get a personal phone line and Internet access right from their desks. Now, the amenities from such flexible workspaces may still range depending on the location that is picked and the rental package that is chosen. But the basic facilities usually offer business equipment such as copiers and faxes, the use of conference and/or boardrooms, mail handling services and more.

Hot-desking and shared day offices may provide only temporary workstations. But it will still be your very own private space. You get the chance to maximize your short-term lease while working at a sophisticated and active work place. It will also help reduce your overhead costs, whilst still gaining an opportunity to expand your network. It’s also perfect for frequent business travelers who are always on the road, and are looking for ‘hot-desks’ for logging in and getting some work done.

Reynold Gustavson is a self-employed online entrepreneur currently working from four different cities around the world. He is a regular contributor to various sites and blogs specializing in startup businesses, business travelling and working environment solutions for self-employed business owners.


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