Along with the internet came the surge of web hosting companies, which allow people to create their own websites. Since 1995, when Shared Web Hosting first became available, many new and different types of hosting have appeared, such as Grid/Utility Computing and Public Cloud Computing (IaaS).

One of the earliest forms of public hosting is Shared Web Hosting, which gave users access to features like webservers and email. One step up from this is VPS Hosting, which has been available since 1998 and offered more flexibility and “root access.” Dedicated Hosting gave full administrative access and control of server resources. Starting in 2006, Cloud tech began to emerge as an alternative to previous hosting. It offered access to compute, storage and scalability, and its added flexibility is a big plus. To learn more about Cloud Computing and web hosts, check out this infographic presented by ProfitBricks.

History of Cloud Computing [infographic] 1


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