After a 125 million dollar opening weekend Superman in my opinion did not disappoint.  Looking back at other Superman franchises this franchise got it right.

Superman is now in league with X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk, Avengers and Iron Man; as it should it be.


Earlier Superman movies were too boring, cutesy, and just did not capture the whole comic book turned to real life essence and made it real hard for me to want to even think about seeing this one.

However I am very glad I did take the time to go see the Man of Steel because it was EPIC.  I was thinking why the hell the earlier writers not do it this way to begin with.  In my mind they should be kicking themselves in the bottoms.  Well I guess all good things come in time.

The action, the story line, THE GRAPHICS were awesome to say the least.

They picked the right cast for each part, however Laurence Fishburne as Perry White is still growing on me but that did not keep me from thoroughly enjoying this EPIC movie.

Henry Cavill (Superman/Ka El /Clark Kent) was the perfect amount of innocent farm boy with omnipotent strength and power that we as young boys all pretended to have out in the backyard with towels wrapped around our necks as capes.

When I heard David Goyer writer of The Dark Knight Batman franchise was writing for Man of Steel I automatically thought it would be a Dark movie however he did a great job at showing the fight within Ka El to always do the right thing no matter what and director Zach Snyder did a amazing job helping to unfold this personality on the big screen.  I was impressed.  I give this movie ALL thumbs up and then some.  I think Man of Steel is a great movie to see with the family as well.  I can’t wait for Man of Steel 2 which I am hearing has been announced.  Hmmmm exciting.

Please go and see this movie and if you are not as entertained as I was I would really love to hear your thoughts of why.

Follow along here for more information about the cast of the Man of Steel.

See you at the Movies.

Night at the Movies with Eric:  Man of Steel 5


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