How would you like to enjoy a greener home—both in the visual and actual sense? For the different rooms in your home, do you know what the best use of the color is? How about the type of paint to use? Which plants would best promote indoor air quality? What type of flooring should you use? As an example, let’s consider all this as it pertains to the bedroom.

For the bedroom, Mint Condition (SW 6743) is suggest for use on the walls—and Argyle (SW 6747) is suggest for use on the Accent Wall. Self priming with a smooth, beautiful appearance, Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint is recommended. Snake plants are desirable—they don’t need much light or water to survive. Snake plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the night (while most plants do during the day). So, add one to your bedroom for a clean-air boost.

Wool carpeting provides greater insulation, is naturally mildew resistant, is sustainably harvested, and repels moisture. To further green your bedroom, remove and replace old caulking around your window. Leaking cold/warm air throws off your thermostat, making it less efficient. Be sure to install curtains as close to the ceiling as possible to keep hot air from escaping or entering a room.

Check out the infographic below presented by CertaPro Painters to learn more about how to green your home.



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