Gone are the days where you have to fumble for cash in order to check out from your grocery store. Or those days when you would need to withdraw actual money from an ATM machine to pay for airfare or train ticket and so is the day of checking on your credit card bills through your computer or by waiting for the bills to reach your mailbox. Today, you can look back and smile as smart new ways to pay and monitor your spending are actively being developed by market leaders like Visa to ensure your convenience and comfort in reshaping the way you live.


Contactless and Intelligent New Ways to Pay
The multitude of new wave sensors being embedded on these credit cards have become more advanced in today’s business scenario. Instead of the usual tiresome procedure of credit card payments, Visa payWave contactless payment allows various means of payment that put convenience and efficiency on top of the heap. Here are top ways on how it works:

Credit Card: a shopper to simply wave his or her card to a payment terminal, seek out confirmation via a 4-digit code and that is it. Simply seek out a wave or echo symbol on the payment terminal and wave your card on it for you to pay for your purchases.

Mobile: instead of using your card, your mobile phone will be used instead. Simply contact your mobile network provider to check if it is offering mobile contactless payment, download an app on your mobile gadget and use that app when paying. It works in the same way as a credit card, only, you are using a mobile gadget (like a phone or tablet) when checking out.

Online: It is important to note that Visa has a tightrope security protection when it comes to online transaction. From the moment you buy up until you receive such goods, Visa got you covered. This is even more so with their new V.me, a digital wallet service that allows you to pay via tablet, PC or even a Smartphone.

Easy Monitoring
These new ways to pay do not only make it convenient or faster for everyone to spend. What is more important is that it gives individuals more access in monitoring their expenditures to ensure that they do not go overboard. Credit limit still applies but checking of balance and transactions done can now be done three-ways: monthly bills, online checks and mobile just-in-time monitoring. With this, one can easily put a lid on impulsive buying and be more mindful in their expenses.

Security Issues
There is no doubt that Visa has always remain steadfast in its drive to provide new ways to pay and monitor expenditures to its clients. However, you might be thinking on its security repercussions. Luckily, Visa got everything covered. Offering multiple levels of security, all your transactions are protected as you will be given main control of your own credit card – at all times. You are still covered with the most adept of real-time fraud monitoring as before. Of course, if your card, phone or gadget is stolen or lost, the “zero liability” clause still applies on all unauthorized purchases. Fast, convenient, and secured, this is one means that will surely change how people live nowadays.


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