More and more people are earning a living by doing photography. The great thing about photography is that you do not necessarily need classes, licenses or certifications to be able to take photos and earn money from shoots. You just need to have a good portfolio and know what you are doing so that people are happy with the work you produce. There are five key tips that every photographer needs if they want their work to be a success.

1. The Right Lighting

Every photographer knows that the right lighting makes a world of difference with their photos. You need to either choose the time of day to take the shoot or you need to work with your own lighting tools to produce quality photos. Test out the lighting before you get too involved in the photo shoot.

2. The Right Angles

You should never take pictures in just one frame and area. Take multiple angles of your subjects so that you have a lot of pictures and variety to choose from. You might find that certain angles of the photo look better than just a straight-forward view of it.

3. Take Multiple Pictures

It is very risky to think that you are going to get a good picture with just two or three photos. You really need to take dozens, if not hundreds of pictures so that you have a lot to choose from when you are going through them. While it will be tedious to go through this amount of photographs, you will find that your end result is a lot better than if you were to just have taken a couple of pictures.

4. Take Photos in Their Natural State

If you are going to be photographing people, having them pose for the picture might not look as natural and professional as you would have liked. While it’s okay to suggest certain poses, try to make these poses more natural than what you might see in a photography store in the local mall. The more natural the picture looks, the more beautiful and unique it is going to be for both you and your client.

5. Use Different Camera Settings and Even Multiple Cameras

A great and successful photo shoot involves a lot of pictures so that you can choose the perfect ones outof the whole group. The best way to get a variety of pictures is by using different camera settings, zoomfeatures and even different cameras if possible. By having a large variety of photos, it is going to be easier for you to choose the one that you like and present it to your client. Knowing your camera and how its settings work will also help when it comes to taking great high quality photos that you can feel proud to add to the portfolio that you have been working on for quite some time now.

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Joanna is a Brisbane resident who is currently studying photography herself, she writes blogs to inspire other beginner photographers.

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