If Benadryl makes you sleepy, don’t worry there are other ways to relieve your allergy pains.
Fifty million Americans suffer from all types of allergies with 26 million of those being seasonal allergy sufferers. Mountainous areas are often considered less allergy-prone than valleys. Similarly, living near the ocean or a large body of water is considered a good allergy precaution. Ocean breezes tend to blow allergens away.


But what if you aren’t lucky enough to live in places like these? What if you live in Baton Rouge, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Knoxville, Wichita, Louisville, or Chatanooga? These cities are considered a few of those with the most allergens.

There are several foods that can alleviate the symptoms of histamine reactions. Tomatoes fight off asthma attacks, wasabi promotes mucus flow, and peppermint tea is a decongestant.
Take a look at this infographic from InsuranceQuotes.com in order to find out more about how you can fight allergies this season.

Cures for allergies in the U.S.[Infographic]

From: Bankrate Insurance’s InsuranceQuotes.com


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