How can we share sustainable energy with the rest of the world? Sometimes it seems like an impossible task. While most of us take our clean, reliable energy for granted, there are 1.2 billion people out there who don’t have access to electricity, and there are 2.8 billion people who rely on solid fuels, such as charcoal and coal, to cook their meals. However, the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, launched by the United Nations Secretary-General, is tracking how far we have to go to provide 100 percent global access to electricity but also to greatly increase energy efficiency and the world’s mix of renewable energy.

There are many suggested tactics to get the world to reach the Initiative’s goals by 2030, but most of them depend on the world’s governments’ willingness to take bold policy steps. To learn more about the global effort to build sustainable energy, check out the infographic below presented by the World Bank.

World Bank



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